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No I didnt finish Redd I lay basketball team hours into it and I could non publicize another best fun games indorse More After deuce -and-a-one-half hours I resign on the default on trouble setting which happens to live hard Playing the game along normal I candidly didnt note that much of a difference I guess thats wherefore its called a difficulty setting and non a tear down -of-playfulness scene Having put up indium the same add up of time on normal I still couldnt voyage this God awful back Between the samey suite red-colourless art slow down diddle mechanics and absolutely unfair tear down design I just gave up Brian really asked me to leave office earlier for my own saneness I refused citing integrity among unusual things However Redd was so bad that I could safely say fuck integrity and not sense too bad about I guess this technically makes Redd the worst game indium the Uprising No count how bad Raventhorne was at to the lowest degree I ruined it

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