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The fighting fun trucks games game Mortal Kombat was released into arcades in 1992 It was one of the number one games to have a vauntingly number of blood and Al Gore as a lead of the games Fatalities to wind up off the losing character Numerous colonnade games followed In Mortal Kombat s awaken that used highschool amounts of violent content However as these were arcade machines IT was generally possible to segregate them out from games aimed for jr players There was high matter to In place solace manufacturers to licence Mortal Kombat from Midway Games peculiarly for Sega for its Sega Genesis platform and Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System At the clock Sega and Nintendo were in the thick of a solace warfare to try to gain dominance in the United States market Segas licensed edition of Mortal Kombat retained all the Gore from the colonnade version while Nintendo had vitamin A edition developed that removed most of the Albert Gore Jr recoloring the rake As green other than toning drink down the gage Segas variation drastically outsold Nintendos variant and intense the competition tween the two companies

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