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A captive of the North, Jaime is confronted by Robb Stark along crippling Bran and, as he has received the varsity letter from Stannis revealing the truth of Joffrey's parenthood, mocks Jaime along his kinship with Cersei. Jaime reveals nothing and attacks Robb's decision to sustain him in this mobile camp out quite than with one of his bannermen as demonstrating axerophthol lack of rely. Robb asserts his trust in his men and his pertain astatine the lengths House Lannister would go to indium order to free Jaime. His direwolf Grey Wind is well-nig to the full fully grown and menaces Jaime during the inquiring. Robb sends his prisoner Alton Lannister to King's Landing with peace damage. His demands include the unfreeze of his sisters, the return of his father's stiff on with the clay of all those WHO served him, games cool fun and the recognition of the North as a free and independent realm, all of which Cersei rejects, although Tyrion in one case again warns her that her stupidity will cost them Jaime's living.

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